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Canon Imageclass MF264dw II Printer Offline

Canon Imageclass MF264dw II Printer Offline – If your Canon-ImageCLASS-MF264dw II printer is malfunctioning, there are likely a few simple solutions that will restore normal operation. Also, you can fix your printer issues without always having to bring it to a maintenance engineer by employing a few simple tricks. In this article, we’ll expose the truth about three widespread printer issues and offer easy solutions.

Canon Imageclass MF264dw II Printer Offline

There is an issue with Printing on a Canon ImageCLASS MF264dw II

There could be an issue with your network, printer driver, or printer settings if you are unable to print to your Canon imageCLASS MF264dw II printer offline. See if any of these suggestions work for you.

  • See if an alert appears on the printer’s control panel to see if an error has occurred. If problems are discovered, the right answer must be applied. If there’s a paper jam in the printer, the first step is to clear the jam. The printing process can then proceed.
  • Next, make sure the printer and computer are properly linked. Make sure they are both on the same network if you choose to link them together virtually. If they’re linked with a USB cable, check that it’s in good condition and firmly connected at both ends.
  • Make your printer the system default so that it always receives print jobs from your computer. To access this menu, select Start from the left-hand menu and then select Devices & Printers. All the peripherals attached to your computer will be displayed here. The Canon printer can be made the default by right-clicking it and selecting the option to do so.
  • A driver’s job is to make sure your computer and printer can talk to one another without hiccups. If it is too old, printing will be problematic. Visit HP’s website and grab the most up-to-date drivers for your OS. Next, ensure sure the printer is working properly after installing it on your computer.

Error: Canon Imageclass MF264dw II Printer is Offline

  • In the event that your Canon-ImageCLASS-MF264dw II printer (offline) is not showing up in the online database, verify that the printer and the computer are in fact connected to the same network. Fixing a shaky Internet connection can address your problems.
  • If the issue persists after disabling Use Printer Offline in the Devices and Printers menu, check to see if there are any other issues.
  • Having your computer and printer on different networks will prevent you from finding your printer online when using your computer to scan for nearby devices. Hence, double-check that they are sharing the same network and see if the printer can be located remotely.
  • If your printer’s driver is out of date, it won’t be able to talk to your computer. Because of this, the printer can go offline. However, the issue can be resolved by upgrading to the most recent version of the software
  • To get the latest version of Canon’s printer software, simply visit the company’s support page and enter your printer model. Choose the Software & Drivers tab after you reach the printer’s support page. Select the most suitable driver for your printer from the list that appears, and then click Download. Thereafter, launch the program’s installation file by navigating to the Downloads folder. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the setup.


If you’re having offline issues with your Canon-ImageCLASS-MF264dw II printer, this quick reference guide should help. Most printer issues can be resolved using these methods. Please use the Call option on this page to get in touch with us if you have any further questions after reading through our troubleshooting guide.

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