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Fix Offline Printer

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Canon Imageclass MF453dw Printer Offline

Canon Imageclass MF453dw Printer Offline – Experiencing computer-based Canon Imageclass MF453dw printer offline errors that prevent successful print jobs. As a result, check that the canon Imageclass MF453dw printer offline is linked to the computer and the Wi-Fi router in your vicinity. The “hardware” and “software” of the printer should then be examined. Furthermore, try a printer test page after restarting the printer and computer. The following are examples of some of the most typical problems encountered by printer users:

Canon Imageclass MF453dw Printer Offline
  • Make sure the ethernet wire is connected properly on both ends (Printer & Router).
  • Connect the ethernet wire and enter the command prompt where you may run ipconfig to view the IP address of the default gateway (i.e
  • To find an IP address, go to “Devices and Printers” in the control panel and then right-click on the printer model to access its properties.
  • If the IP address of the printer persists showing up, try reinstalling the Canon imageclass MF453dw printer and printing again.
  • In the event that the printer is not displayed in the router’s list of connected devices.
  • If you’re having trouble printing via a network connection, verify that your Ethernet cable is securely attached at both ends, swap it out for a different Ethernet cable, or try connecting your printer to a different LAN port on your router.

Verify that all printer cables are properly connected. Check to see if the printer’s and computer’s cords are securely plugged in. Verify that your network is operational. Third, link your Canon printer to Wi-Fi using an Ethernet wire.

Windows 11: How to Activate a Canon MF453dw Offline Printer

  • In Windows 11, you can have your computer make your most recently used printer its default.
  • Simply hit the Windows Key + I to launch the Settings charm, and then select Devices and Printers to make the necessary adjustments.
  • To make it your default printer, right-click on the printer you want to use.
  • To activate this feature, head to the Printers & Scanners page and click the radio button next to Let Windows control my default printer.

How can I restore the connection to my Canon MF453dw on Windows 10?

If you’re using Windows 10 and you get the message “canon imageclass mf453dw printer offline,” what should you do? Inspect the cable that links your device to the computer and the printer. You should reboot the computer and the printer. To begin, please power down your electronic devices. It may take longer than usual for the printer to fully start up, as it will not resume operation from standby.

  • To access the printers and scanners section of the settings menu, press the Windows key + I.
  • Choose Troubleshoot in the Related Settings section of the right-hand menu.
  • The troubleshooter launches and runs a battery of diagnostics to determine the root of the problem.

Procedures for Resolving Canon Imageclass MF453dw Printer Offline on Windows 10

The “Use Canon Imageclass MF453dw Printer Offline” setting must be disabled.

  • Simply use the Windows key plus the letter I to access the Control Panel. Choose Printing and scanning devices.
  • Choose the printer model and select the open queue button.
  • Make sure that the Use Printer Offline box is unchecked by clicking on Printer in the main menu’s toolbar. When that’s the case, you can turn it off by making the appropriate selection.
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