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Fix Offline Printer

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Canon Imageclass MF632Cdw Printer Offline

Canon Imageclass MF632Cdw Printer Offline – What would you do if you were in a mad dash to print some crucial documents but your Canon Imageclass MF632Cdw printer offline was out of commission?

Canon Imageclass MF632Cdw Printer Offline

Imagining that is a nightmare in and of itself. But don’t worry; I’ll be covering the simple ways to address the issue here.

Offline Problem with Canon ImageClass MF632Cdw printer? Here’s What to Do.

Step 1: Make sure the printer is properly connected

  • When a Canon printer reports that it cannot connect to the internet, you should verify that it actually can.
  • The Internet icon in the system tray can be used to quickly verify a stable internet connection.
  • If you want to print across a network, you’ll need a reliable internet connection.
  • If you’re using a Canon Imageclass MF632Cdw printer offline with a personal computer, check to be that both are linked to the same wireless network.
  • It is important to inspect the USB cable, which is used to connect the printer, for any signs of physical damage.
  • Alternate USB ports can be tried to see if that helps.

Step 2: If using a Canon Imageclass MF632Cdw printer, step two is to make sure it is turned on

  • The LCD Screen of Your Canon Imageclass MF632Cdw Printer Needs Checking. If it’s empty, it means you haven’t turned on the printer.
  • You should get it out of sleep mode if you find it to be in use.
  • Verify that the power cord is not damaged. Make sure all of the loose ends are tied down.
  • Make sure there aren’t any warnings flashing on the LCD panel. In the case of an error code or message, please refer to the on-screen prompts for assistance.

Step 3: The Print Spooler Service should be restarted

Once you’ve ensured that your internet connection and USB cord are both functioning properly, restart the print spooler service.

If you’re having issues with offline printers, try restarting the Print Spooler service. Here are the measures to take:

  • In Windows’s search box, type “Services,” and then select the result that appears first.
  • In the services pane, look for the Printer Spooler service. Stop the service by selecting it and clicking Stop from the context menu.
  • Use the Windows logo key plus R to bring up the Run dialogue, then type “Spool” into the box that appears. To enter, press the Enter key.
  • Erase the contents of the Printers directory. The print queues will be flushed as a result
  • Choose Print Spooler in the Services pane and right-click to modify it. Then, select Start to initiate a service restart.
  • Choose the Print Spooler service, right-click to open its settings, and then click OK.
  • Choose Automatic from the pull-down box next to Startup type.

Step 4: The Use Printer Offline function should be disabled

If, after using the aforementioned solution, your Canon printer still indicates that it is offline, try the instructions below:

  • Use Windows’ search function and type “Control Panel” to access the Canon printer’s settings. Choose the best answer. Choose between small icons or large icons to change the layout.
  • The Devices and Printers menu should be chosen.
  • Right-click on the Canon printer icon in the list of printers.
  • If the box labeled Use Printer Offline is selected, uncheck it.
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