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Canon Maxify ib4020 offline Printer

Canon Maxify ib4020 Printer Offline – Are you facing an offline issue with your Canon Maxify ib4020 Printer then, you are here at the right place to get the required solutions regarding your issue “Canon Maxify ib4020 Printer Offline”.

Here are the Solutions to fix the Canon IB4020 on Windows [Canon Maxify ib4020 offline Printer]

  • Get the wifi details and make sure the connection is secure first.
  • The next step is to establish a wireless connection on your Windows machine.
  • The setup process will launch when you insert the CD into your device’s ROM.
  • After that, choose from the following menu “Access Point Connection”.
  • Select the option “Setting printer could not be located on the list” and then proceed by clicking on the option “Next.”
  • To continue setting up your Canon MAXIFY iB4020 printer, click “Wireless LAN Setup” on the MAXIFY iB4020 setup wizard screen.
  • Choose “Other techniques,” then click “Next.”
  • The page to choose the setup procedure then loads. Here, choose the “Alternative Way” and continue to start with the installation.
  • Then click the “Using USB cord Wireless Setup” option labeled.
  • Please continue with the process and select any Software application you’d want to install from the list provided.
  • Next, choose from the option “Configure USB network connection” option.
  • Now, use the USB cord to link your computer to the MAXIFY iB4020.
  • After that, choose your network from the “Detected Access Points List” screen.
  • Next, enter the wifi password to gain access.
  • Then, on the final configuration screen, press the button that says “complete.”
  • After that, you can print from any device connected to your network.
  • Finish the software by following the remaining instructions.

These are the Solutions to fix Canon Maxify ib4020 Printer offline on Mac

  • Then, check that your computer can access the internet via a wireless connection to the router.
  • After that is done, move on to networking the printer.
  • The next step is to visit the installation page and grab the file.
  • After that, you may begin the setup procedure by installing the file on the computer.
  • Click “next” after you’ve located “Wireless LAN Connection.”
  • Then, click the “Access Point Connection” (recommended) button.
  • The “Printers on Network List” window has opened. Choose the “Printer was not located in the list during setup” option that reads and then click “next.”
  • After that, do it all over again.
  • Choose “Other Ways,” then “start over.”
  • Then, in the window “Setup Process Selection”, choose “cableless setup.”
  • The next step is to follow the prompts in the setup wizard window.
  • Then, from the computer’s “software installation list” window, pick any program to install it.
  • Choose your printer from the list that appears in the “Add Printer” window.
  • The printer and device are now properly connected wirelessly.
  • Lastly, finish up by following the remaining on-screen directions.
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