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Canon Pixma ts9521C Printer Offline

Fixing Offline Issues with the Canon Pixma Ts9521c Printer

Your Canon Pixma ts9521c printer offline could develop issues after extensive use. The following are some of the more typical issues, as well as some possible solutions. Use the Call button below to speak with our technical support staff about any additional concerns you may have.

Offline Canon Pixma TS9521C Printer

  • If the Canon Pixma ts9521c printer is offline and you want to keep it from going to sleep, hit any button on it.
  • Verify that electricity is being supplied to the printer.
  • Access the Canon Pixma Ts9521c’s settings using the Windows computer’s Control Panel by clicking on Accessories and then Printers.
  • Choose See What’s Printed from the printer’s context menu.
  • Take the paper out of the line. To access the Canon ts9521c offline printer list, you must first click the printer notifications and then print the printer.
  • To fix the issue, please reboot the two computers and the printer.

How to Use a Canon PIXMA TS9521C Printer

  • Turn off the printer and remove the power connection if the paper is still inside.
  • Check the printer for any damaged or missing packing materials.
  • Make sure the printer has a paper by opening the top lid. Take the paper out of the trash can using both hands.
  • Pull the printer over your head to access the paper tray if you’re having trouble reaching it. After reloading the paper, the printer can be restarted.

How to Fix the Paper Feeder Issue on the Canon TS9521C

  • You should clean the rollers if the paper stops feeding.
  • Remember to load the paper into the printer in the correct way.
  • Adjust the printer’s touchscreen settings to the same paper size.
  • To ensure that the issue has been repaired, it is necessary to restart the Canon Pixma Ts9521c setup.
  • Take out the garbage bin and clean the rollers if the issue persists. Replenish the printer’s tray and resume printing.
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