Fix HP Printer Paused Windows 10

This guide will help you to Fix HP Printer Paused Windows 10 error. In this article step by step solutions given to resolve HP Printer Paused error in Windows 10 operating system.

HP Printer is Paused Error Code

How to Fix HP Printer Paused Windows 10 error?

But do you know why HP Printer Paused error on Window 10 occurs? You can get rid of this error if you know the reason behind the error.

Fix HP Printer Paused Windows 10
Fix HP printer offline Windows 10

What is HP Printer Paused Error on Window 10? [ All Possible Reasons Could be]

Following list can be the reasons behind Hewlett-Packard Printer Paused Error Windows 10. If your HP Printer is says that it is paused then it is not due to one reason, there can be many reasons that puts the printer on Pause (discontinue, dealy, hold back, rest, time out, cutoff, freeze, stuck) mode.

  • #1: Print Spooler is paused.
  • #2: HP Printer driver Software is outdated or corrupted.
  • #3: Use Printer Offline option is enabled.
  • #4: Pause Printer option is enabled.
  • #5: Printer paper is Jam.
  • #6: There is No Cartridge in the printer,
  • #7: Printer is not utilized from past few days.

How can I repair the problem ‘HP Printer Paused’? [All Methods & Answers]

This article will guide the procedures to troubleshoot the ‘HP Printer stopped’ problem. Now You discovered out what’s causing the HP Printer paused issue, it’s time to look here fix alternatives.

Below are few resolutions that can bring HP printer back to online mode. Before following below steps ensure that USB connected properly, Paper is not Jam and printer cartridge is not empty. Other issue also come when HP Printer paused connecting with computer wireless, phone, netgear router, asus router network, sky router server to scan, web services, hp smart, computer via usb, unifi, mac wifi, ethernet, dell laptop usb, chromebook, linking xfinity wifi, ip address, mesh wifi.

All Types of HP Printer Paused Troubleshooting Solutions, Methods, Ways, Tips:

Below are list of all confirm ways to get rid of Paused Error to Unpaused:

SolutionsTypes of Solutions, Methods
Solution 1:Go to Setting.
Solution 2:Go to Taskbar
Solution 3:Go to Search box
Solution 4:Set up Parallel Connection
Solution 5:Uninstall USB HP Printer driver software
Follow All Solutions to Fix Printer “OFFLINE, PAUSED ERROR IN WINDOWS 10, 7, 8”
Solution 1: Go to Setting.
  1. First of all go to setting.
  2. Verify that pause switch is ON or OFF.
  3. Place the control panel on the HP printer’s face. It’s a part of the printer’s casing with a number of switches on it.
  4. Here click and unhand the Pause switch. This will bring your printer back from Paused Mode.
Solution 2:- Go to Taskbar
  1. Go to Taskbar of your Window 10 Computer/Laptop.
  2. Double click on the icon of HP Printer.
  3. A popup will display on the screen, displaying the list of uncompleted instructions. (Documents that have not yet been printed)
  4. Right click on this window.
  5. Here in the drop down status will be reflecting as “Paused”.
  6. Press on Resume from the drop down list.
  7. Now Paused mode of your printer removed.
Solution 3: Go to Search box
  1. Go to Search box of your Window 10 system.
  2. Type Control Panel and Click Enter key.
  3. Open Devices and Printers.
  4. Double click HP Printer Icon.
  5. Go to Printer Tab in menu bar.
  6. Verify the status of Pause Printing and Use Printer Offline.
  7. If these any of these or both of these options are showing tick marked.
  8. Uncheck Pause Printing and Use Printer Offline.
  9. Now your printer will start working.
Solution 4: Set up Parallel Connection
  1. Set up Parallel Connection.
  2. Switch off the HP Printer.
  3. Remove it from network Device.
  4. Attach the PC/Laptop with Printer thru a parallel wire.
  5. Now turn the HP Printer ON.
  6. Your printer is ready to Print now.
Solution 5: Uninstall USB HP Printer driver software

Printer connected thru USB : If any of the solutions above does not remove the HP printer from Pause Mode, follow the procedures below to reinstall the driver software.

  1. Uninstall USB HP Printer driver software.
  2. Remove HP folder and AIO folder from the hard drive.
  3. Now install the HP Printer Drover Software again.
  4. Reboot System.
  5. Now try to print again from your HP Printer.

We hope that this ultimate solution guide helped you to get rid of HP Printer Paused error on Windows 10. hp printer stopped scanning to email, scanning to computer, unable to convert postscript file, not opening, not installed, not loading, not taking printing command in true color like red, yellow, blue, black, cyan, green properly correctly from computer with universal driver.

If your issue has not been fixed, you may contact Third party HP Printer Support for more assistance.

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