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Fix Offline Printer

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Zebra Printer Offline Windows 11, 10 ⚠️ Says Offline

Zebra Printer Offline Windows

STEPS: Fix Printer Offline To Online


Why my zebra printer offline
Why my zebra printer offline


Zebra Printer Offline Windows 11, 10 ⚠️ Says Offline: Zebra technologies are one of the most effective producers of smart printing connections. They offer smart technologies like RFID that can be personalized as per the requirements. These printers were flexible to use and also known for ideal printing.

In spite of having advanced technology sometimes while printing a document, we get notified by the other operating system that our Zebra printer offline windows. If you were facing the equipped Printer offline drawback, you can check out the step-by-step guide given below to get back your Zebra printer online.

Dealing with Zebra printer offline issue. Don’t worry. Solve it now.

How to fix zebra printer offline issues on your Windows operating system?

Step 1: Check out your Driver Issue

Sometimes your driver’s motive force becomes out-of-date and causes the Zebra printer offline issues on windows, check out to start causing problems. It May stop printing and becomes disconnected from the PC. To resolve the issue you have to follow some steps.

There are three ways of updating Zebra printer drivers on windows 

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1. Download or Update the printer driver manually.

  • Drive to Zebra support center.
  • Search for the printer model you have.
  • On the printer support page, tap on the “drivers” option.
  • Click on” download“.
  • Click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions to finish installing.

2. Download or Update the printer driver automatically.

  • You can update drivers automatically through “Driver Easy“.
  • Download and install “Driver Easy” on your device.
  • Start Driver easy and press the “Scan now” button. It will scan the device and detect the problem.
Zebra printer offline on mac
Zebra printer offline
  • Click on the “Update” button or click on “Update all” to automatically download and install the new version.
Zebra printer showing offline
Zebra printer showing offline
  • Restart the device.

3. Download or Update the printer driver through the device manager.

  • Press the “Windows logo key” on the keypad and R at the same time to request a run box.
  • Write “devmgmt.msc” and press “OK“.
  • Press on “printer category” and right-click on “Zebra printer” to choose “update driver“.
  • Select the “Search automatically for updated driver software” option.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Step 2: Check out USB Cable Connection Issues

Sometimes Web Associate in Nursing USB affiliation May cause Zebra printer offline issues, check out if there’s an interrupted USB affiliation or the net connection that causes zebra printer offline on windows and move it to online mode.

Printers can be connected to the device in two ways i.e. USB cable and wireless connection. First, check your printer connection with the device.

  • Restart the device and wait for it to be fully equipped.
  • Check the printer connection

Connected via USB: If the printer is connected Via USB then check the cable must be connected properly to the device in a working USB portal.

Connected via wireless connection: If the printer is connected via wireless connection then make sure the printer is properly connected and check if the wireless icon is displayed on the screen.

Step 3: Check out that the printer settings

      Check out that the printer settings can even result in a disconnection between the operating system and the zebra printer. Sometimes due to Auto-updates printer settings were changed without being notified and due to that Zebra printer showing offline.

      Follow these steps to bring the Zebra printer online.

      • Restart the device.
      • Press “Windows key + I” at the same time on the keypad. Tap on “Devices“.
      • Click on “Devices and printers“.
      • Right-click on the printer icon which has a green mark and click on the “See whats printing” option.
      • Select the printer. If you see a tick option next to the “pause printing” and “use printer offline” option then untick them.
      • Restart devise if required.

        By following these steps your “Zebra printer keeps going offline” issue will be solved.

        Step 4: Restart the print spooler service.

        Sometimes the printer remains offline if the print spooler is not working. At times the printer spooler service may be turned off so first check whether it is working or not.

        • Press “window icon+ R” on the keypad. Type “services.msc” in the search bar and press “Enter“.

        Zebra printer offline on windows

        • Press “P” to locate “Print spooler“. Check the status if it’s running or not.

        zebra printer offline on mac

        • If you won’t be able to see the status then “right-click” print spooler service and press “Start“.

        Zebra printer offline

        Step: 5 Set printer as default

        Sometimes your printer is not set as default and due to that, it shows a “Zebra printer offline” error. To fix this error and bring “Zebra printer online” you have to follow some steps.

        • Select the “Start button” and go to the settings.
        • Go to the “Devices” option and select” Printers and scanners“.
        • Select the Zebra printer.
        • Click on the “manage” option.
        • Select “Set as default“.
        • Restart if required.

        Step: 6 Remove unwanted printers

        Sometimes we use more than one printer for the printing commands and this could be a reason why the “Zebra printer offline“. To solve this issue you have to eliminate other printers to bring “Zebra printer online“.

        • Go to the “Setting“.
        • Click on the “Devices“.
        • Press on the “Printers and scanners” option.
        • Select the printer you want to remove and
        • Click on the “Remove device” option.
        • Press “OK” to confirm.

          Why Zebra printer keeps going offline?

              There are several reasons that cause a disconnection between the computer and the printer.

                  It should be plenty of varied reasons why your Zebra printer shows offline issues on windows. Some of the explanations may be terribly technical and want experts’ help but some of the issues may be basic and might be mounted simply to get back your zebra printer offline to online.

                      If your Zebra printer is offline on windows check out these reasons to get back your Zebra printer offline to online.

                          Let’s have a look

                              Cause 1: May it causes Driver issues

                                  The printer driver has to be updated from time to time. Sometimes the driver becomes outdated it can get an error and be disconnected from the computer.

                                      Sometimes It can also lead to other issues such as paper jamming. The drivers are often updated by visiting the website of the manufacturer.

                                          Cause 2: loss or corrupt USB

                                              All the explanations related to the Zebra printer offline issue are a cause of often faulty hardware and loose wires. USB, once not connected properly cause Zebra printer offline issues.

                                                  Cause 3: Poor Zebra Printer Setting

                                                      If you see the message Zebra printer is offline on windows try to reset your printer setting or change the setting via customizing the setting you can get back Zebra printer offline on windows to online.

                                                      • Here is the step that how you can fix your Zebra printer offline to online.
                                                      • Move on to the beginning button and move to select the devices and printer section.
                                                      • Choose to select the printer and click on what’s printing and uncheck the box it should get back your Zebra printer offline to online.

                                                        Cause 4: Having Hardware faults

                                                            Sometimes your hardware fault cause issues with getting back your Zebra print offline on windows you have to check out whether your hardware is properly working or not if not then move on to change it to get back your Zebra printer offline to online on windows.

                                                                If getting the same issues you can meet up via your manufactured services but if you need fast track services you can move on to our customer services, where you can get rid of zebra printer offline issues on windows without wasting your time.

                                                                Cause 5: Printer is paused

                                                                Sometimes the printer has been paused due to the “Zebra printer offline” issue has been flashing on the screen. To fix that you have to uncaused the printer or untick the use printer offline option.

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                                                                We have mentioned all the possible reasons why “Zebra printer offline” or “Zebra printer keeps going offline” along with that we have also mentioned their solutions to bring “Zebra printer online“. Hope this article would be useful to you and helps you to bring your printer online.


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