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HP Printer Offline

How To Fix Offline Printer to Online

it 11:00 A.M and you are giving a print command to the printer, but your printer does not print and data. you are checking USB cable is properly connected to computer and printer both side, but still does not print, you also check your WiFi connectivity if your printer is a wireless but still same thing in this moment you are going to frustrated. our suggestion does not go to frustration just do some simple troubleshooting. so your printer is back online.


Turn off your printer and turn on again.give us some time to complete the booting process.


Verify that the printer is plugged into your computer (for local printers) or that it has network connectivity. If the printer is a networked unit, double-check the link light on the back of the printer to make sure it’s flashing green.


go to your computer open Control panel -> click -> “Manage printers” In this cases make sure you are logged in local administrator account.


You can do one thing click on “start” button and then click on device and printers.


Right-click the printer and select “See What’s Printing” to display the print spooler window.


Click “Printer” and select “Use Printer Offline” to remove the check mark first. your printer should come online at this time. If this option is grayed out or if the printer does not come online, continue following the steps below.


Close the print spooler window and return to Devices and Printers.


Open a Web browser and download the latest driver for your Hp printer from the manufacturer’s website.

9. Follow the instructions that come with the driver to install it. If you still cannot back the printer online, continue with the steps below.


Click the “Start” button and then click “Control Panel.”

11. Right-click your offline printer click on troubleshoot option and then you can see the troubleshot window try to click Apply fix. do the right instruction. your printer comes back to online.

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