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Xerox B235 Printer Offline

Xerox B235 Printer Offline – Xerox B235 printer not working: In the past, Xerox printers dominated the market due to their superior capabilities. However, there are occasions when an “Offline Xerox B235 Printer” message appears instead of the printed page. You may be asking what to do about this problem, as it is one of the most common ones.

All the problems that can arise from taking printers offline and their solutions are discussed here.

If you’re using Windows 10 and a Xerox B235 printer, you may have noticed that it’s Offline

A communication error between the printer and the device causes the Xerox B235 printer to stop working. As a result, printing commands sent from the device are not being processed by the printer. Many other factors can be at play here.

The Xerox B235 Won’t Work—Why?

We have outlined a few of the many causes behind this phenomenon.

Reason 1: Factory settings.

The “Xerox B235 printer offline windows” message may appear if the user has accidentally adjusted the printer’s defaults to something other than what the printer actually needs. Changing this to the “Xerox B235 printer” as the default should fix the problem.

Reason 2: Bad Drivers

Our printer sometimes reports that it is offline owing to a problem with the printer drivers. Reinstalling the printer’s drivers and then reinstalling the printer is required to get it working again.

Reason 3: Cartridge error

The Xerox B235 printer reports an offline error because a cartridge is either damaged or empty. If the fault was detected in the cartridge, replacing or refilling it is required to rectify the situation.

Reason 4: Malfunctioning USB cables

A malfunctioning or low-quality USB cable prevents the printer from being connected to the computer. To get the Xerox B235 printer working again, try switching out the USB cable.

Reason 5: The link

Verify sure the printer is properly connected to the device, as this is the most typical cause of an offline printer. Examine each of the printer’s USB connections. If the problem is not with the cable, try plugging it into a different port on the computer.

If your printer or scanner is wireless, check the device’s network settings in the printing or scanning menu.

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