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Fix Offline Printer

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Xerox C230 Printer Offline

Xerox C230 Printer Offline – When it comes to printing and photography equipment, Xerox has always set the standard. The Xerox C230 printers can print anything from simple office paper to a huge, glossy banner. The Xerox C230 printer offline problem, however, can spoil the user experience and cause frustration whenever one of these printers is used.

My Xerox C230 Printer Won’t Work; What Gives?

Have you also gotten the offline error on your Xerox C230 printer? There is nothing to be concerned about.

We’ve got a solution that really works. Is there a reason you think your Xerox C230 printer stopped working? There are a number of causes for the issue, some of which are:

  • Communication between the printer, computer, and network is disrupted by dangling wires and USB connections.
  • The backlog of print jobs is causing problems and snarling the printing process.
  • Problems with printing arise when using an out-of-date printer driver or one that is not compatible with the current version of Windows OS.
  • You have an offline message on your Xerox C230 printer. The reason for this is that you have chosen to use it in offline mode.
  • The Xerox printer is experiencing minor technical difficulties and needs to be reset or restarted.
  • Because of the current SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) status, your printer is currently unavailable.

When my Xerox C230 printer is offline, how can I bring it back online?

Several solutions to the offline error are discussed in this section. All of these directions must be carried out exactly as written. After you’ve fixed the issue at hand, you can stop looking for a solution. No, let’s not do it.

Step 1: Check the Ethernet and USB Cables

The procedures differ for Xerox C230 printers that use wireless networking versus those that use Ethernet.

  • Verify that there are no damaged or frayed Ethernet wires by inspecting them.
  • Pull the Ethernet cable out of the router and the printer to make sure the plug is not broken.
  • Now you may reconnect it to your printer and wireless router (Make sure to hear the click sound).
  • Check the router’s internet status LEDs to make sure they are blinking in the appropriate sequence.
  • Check your computer’s WiFi connection to your wireless router by clicking the WiFi icon in the System Tray.
  • Share a network connection between your PC and Xerox.
  • In the event that you still detect a problem, you can try switching the Ethernet and USB cables to the new wire.

Step 2: Your Xerox C230 printer can be reset using its software.

The software can be reset by using the printer’s Control Panel. The temporary files on the network controller and computer will be deleted.

  • Check that the printer is active.
  • Turn on the Control Board and have it displayed.
  • To log in or out, click the corresponding button on the panel’s left.
  • If prompted, enter the System Administrator’s password.
  • To check the current status of the machine, use the button located there.
  • Choose Troubleshooting by tapping the Tools menu.
  • Choose Features and then Resets.
  • Choose Software Reset now.
  • Go to the Settings menu, then select Reset > All Software.
  • Your Xerox C230 Printer will now reboot; during this time, you will not be able to use it for printing.

If the printer still isn’t working after the software reset, try turning it off and then back on again.

Step 3: Try turning the Xerox C230 off and back on.

Doing so will help you flush the printer’s RAM. Follow these directions in order to ensure that your printer and internal hard disc are properly shut down.

Xerox C230 Printer, please turn off

  • Be sure that no files are waiting to be printed and save all of them beforehand.
  • Now slide down the Control Panel and you’ll see a little slot with a second power button inside. For more specifics, consult your printer’s documentation.
  • As soon as you’ve located it, turn it off.
  • Let the touch screen go dark for at least five seconds.
  • Now you may access the primary power switch by opening the printer’s side panel.
  • Put the cover back on.

The Xerox printer cannot be turned on for at least two minutes.

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