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Fix Offline Printer

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Canon Pixma ts6320 printer showing offline

How to get back the Canon Pixma ts6320 printer offline to online?

To connect the printer to your canon pixma ts6320 printer offline using the simple wireless connect method, follow the instructions below.

  • The printer must first be linked to a wireless network and the computer’s software drivers and software installed.

canon ts6320 printer offline
canon ts6320 printer offline

Wireless connectivity made simple [ canon pixma ts6320 printer offline]

To initiate the printer’s simple wireless connection, press and hold the connect button. Connect wirelessly until the message ‘Processing…’ shows. After that, release the button.

  • Select Start Setup after downloading and installing the setup file.
  • After reading the network security notification, click Next.
  • Take time to read the licensing agreement.
  • Continue by selecting Yes. If you choose No, the installation will be aborted.
  • Accept or Disagree with the information request.
  • If you choose this option, this notice shows. I disagree.
  • To confirm the connection method, choose Yes.
  • The displays below may show depending on your network configuration.
  • Ensure that the dropdown list has an SSID or network with a 2.4GHz frequency.
  • If you’re unsure, see the manual for your router.
  • On the next screen, enter your password.
  • When the connection is complete, click Next.
  • Choose Next.
  • Select Continue online if you want to download and install any further applications.

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Canon Pixma TS6320 Not Connected

If the printer becomes unresponsive during operation, examine the following remedies.

  • Check to see whether the Auto Power Off feature is active on the Canon Pixma TS6320 offline setup Assistant Tool on the PC and disable it.
  • Open the Devices and Printers window on a Windows PC and right-click the printer’s name.
  • Check to see whether the Use Printer Offline option is deactivated or if it is active.
  • Check the printer’s wireless network connection status, and if it is a wired network configuration, ensure that the wires are secure at the ends.

Paper Jam Solution for Canon Pixma TS6320 PAPER JAM INSIDE THE PRINTER:

Proceed with the instructions below to remove the paper jam from the printer’s inside.

  • Switch the printer off and the scanning unit open.
  • Examine the inside for clogged paper.
  • Adjust the print head to the left or right end.
  • With both hands, carefully remove the trapped paper without damaging it.
  • Put the scanning unit away.

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  • Verify that the printer is switched off.
  • Remove the rear tray cover from the printer by opening it.
  • Identify and remove the clogged paper.
  • Reinstall the rear cover and shut the rear tray lid.
  • Canon Pixma TS6320 offline will not print
  • Verify that the printer’s power cord is securely connected to the socket.
  • Ascertain that the printer is linked to the computer by verifying all network and USB connections.
  • If an incompatible printer driver is installed, the printer will not print.
  • Reinstall the printer driver and conduct the setup on the PC.

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Steps: Reset Canon Pixma TS6320

If you wish to restore the printer’s factory default settings, you may reset the Canon Pixma TS6320 configuration by following the instructions below.

On the operating panel, hit OK to bring up the Settings menu. Select Device settings; then select Reset settings.
Now, pick the Reset All option and confirm the reset process by selecting Yes.

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