Where to Find WPS Pin on HP Printer?

You can find WPS pin on HP Printer thru this guide and if you are not familiar with WPS Pin then this guide will also help you to know what WPS stands for?

How to find WPS pin on HP Printer?

What is a WPS PIN number? What does the WPS pin look like on HP printer? Where is the WPS Pin located on my HP Printer? What are the Steps to connect HP Printer via WPS Pin?

Find WPS pin on hp printer

In the following pages you will get information related to above questions.

What does WPS stand for? What is a WPS Pin?

Full form of WPS is Wi-Fi Protected Setup. WPS is a security standard for wireless system. WPS Pin is mandatory to set up the link from wireless HP printer to Wi-Fi device. You can use it to establish a connection with such network devices that use passwords or PIN for making a link.

How do I discover the WPS pin on my HP Printer?

Many of the users doesn’t know about location of Pin so they ask questions like Where is the Pin on my HP Printer? Where to find WPS pin on HP printer? WPS Pin is required when you will attempt to make a link between HP printer and Wi-FI device. During this process a popup window will appear on the screen, here it will ask you to enter PIN.

Step 1 to Locate WPS Pin:-

The Pin is located on HP Printer. If you do not find the pin on HP printer then you can search it on the upper or bottom part of router, you can also search it on the sides of HP Printer.

Step 2 to Locate WPS Pin:-

Still if you are unable to locate the WPS Pin for HP Printer then below troubleshooting will surely help you.

CountWPS Pin Printer HP search steps.
1Open Control Panel of HP Printer and click Wireless button.
2Go to settings and click on Wi-Fi protected setup.
3Follow the steps showing on screen and click in Pin tab.
4You will get WPS Pin on Screen of HP Printer.
Connecting devices using Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS)

How do I set up a WPS PIN on my HP printer?

Below easy steps can be followed to setup connection between HP printer and router thru WPS Pin.

Through WPS PIN [Step by Step Guide]

  1. Select control panel of HP Printer and click at Wireless > Settings.
  2. Indicator will start flashing the blue light.
  3. Select WiFi Protected Setup option.
  4. After this Follow the steps that are reflecting on the screen.
  5. It will ask you for Pin, Click on the Pin option.
  6. Now screen will show you WPS PIN (It is also called WPS PIN Number).
  7. After this go to network Router for setup by using configuration utility.
  8. Fill the WPS PIN.
  9. When the entire configuration is completed go to HP Printer Folder.
  10. Open Printer Setup and Software.
  11. choose Connect a new Printer to install the Network Printer Driver.


  1. Fix : Select control panel of HP Printer and click at Wireless > Settings.
  2. Fix : Indicator will start flashing the blue light. Select Wi-Fi Protected Setup option
  3. Fix : Follow instruction. Now choose WPS Button. It will ask you to click the WPS button of the wireless Device.
  4. Fix : Click on continue tab on the HP printer.

Your HP Printer is linked with Wireless network and is ready for printing.

Above WPS Pin HP Printer steps can be followed on below mentioned HP Printer Models to detect WPS Pin.

Here are What are the steps to locate:

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Note:- People also know Printer as Drucker, impresora, stampante.

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