How to Fix HP Printer Paused on Mac

Hi! Are you frustrated that your HP printer is showing time-out error again and again. Do you want to fix HP Printer Paused on Mac error? If your answer is yes than you are at right place.

How to Fix HP Printer Paused on Mac error? [Real Ways & Tips]

Thru this ultimate guide you will learn that how you can troubleshoot your HP Printer or Mac if HP printer says it is paused. In this article you will also get to know about the reasons behind HP Printer Paused error on Mac.

Why is my HP Printer Paused on Mac
Fix HP printer offline Mac

Why HP Printer is paused on Mac Error comes? [All Reasons]

Following list can be the reasons behind Printer Paused error on Mac. Your HP Printer can show paused or offline in case:-

  1. You have paused any printing command in the past.
  2. You are using out of date or corrupted HP Printer Driver Software on Mac.
  3. Any paper is stuck in printer.
  4. You are trying to run the printer without cartridge.
  5. Printer remains Unutilized from past some days.

What to do to Unpause Printer on Mac? [ All Types Of Solutions ]

There are 7 major Types of STEPS to Resolve Paused Status issue. With above information now you know that why you are facing the issue, in following steps you will learn how to resolve Printer Paused/offline error. (Solved) Where is the WPS Pin located on my hp printer?

Step #1:Basic Checks
Step #2Go to Setting
Step #3:Verify the Print Queue
Step #4:Check if any command
Step #5:Select Software Update.
Step #6:Select System Preferences.
Step #7:Click print & Scan option.
follow these steps to fix HP Printer Paused issue on macbook

Step #1: Basic Checks

These are basic checks in case you face any issue on your HP Printer.

  1. Ensure that printer tray is filled with papers as it should not be empty.
  2. Make sure that any paper is not jam in printer.
  3. Ensure that all the wires are connected properly as it should be.
  4. Switch off the printer and after couple of minutes turns it on.
  5. Reboot Mac.
  6. Make sure that required cartridge is placed in the printer.

These basic checks resolve Paused or offline printer problem most of the time it also help to avoid many other errors related to printer.

Step #2: Go to Setting

  1. Go to settings of HP Printer and confirm that pause button is ON or OFF.
  2. Move the Control panel on the forepart of HP Printer. Control Panel is a component of the printer’s case that contains few buttons on it.
  3. Press Pause switch once.
  4. Now you HP printer is changed to online mode and its printing now.

Step #3: Verify the Print Queue

  1. To verify the print queue, Access the Dock of Mac book.
  2. Verify the Print Queue icon.
  3. This is exhibited with a pin that point out trouble.
  4. Press this icon to open the Queue window.
  5. In case you find nothing in the Dock then
  6. Go to Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  7. Press Print & Scan option and select HP printer from given list.
  8. Click Open Print Queue and Press resume option.
  9. Now printer is unpaused.

Step #4: Check if any command

Mac allows the printer users to pause, resume and cancel the in-process print commands. If a print command paused intentionally or unintentionally then same can be resumed by following below steps.

  1. Go to printer icon on the Dock and open it.
  2. Check if any command is showing paused.
  3. If yes then choose that print command.
  4. Press Resume option.
  5. Now print command is unpaused so you can start printing the documents.

Step #5: Select Software Update.

  1. Go to Apple menu.
  2. Select Software Update.
  3. In case any update related to HP Printer is pending for installation then install it.
  4. Now confirm that error removed or not.

Step #6: Select System Preferences.

  1. Go to Apple Menu.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Click print & Scan option.
  4. Select HP Printer and press –minus sign to detach printer from Mac.
  5. Add the printer again with Mac by pressing +plus sign.
  6. Now try to print.

Step #7: Click print & Scan option.

  1. Go to Apple Menu.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Click print & Scan option.
  4. Right click HP printer name.
  5. Choose Reset printing system option from drop down list.

Hopefully above steps have fixed the issue, if till it remains unfixed then contact HP Printer helpdesk or Mac online support desk.

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