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Canon Printer Offline on Mac ⚠️ Canon Printer Offline Mac

Canon Printer Offline Mac ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Fix Canon Offline on Mac. Why is Canon Printer Offline on Mac? Fix Offline Canon on Macbook Pro.

Canon printer offline on Mac: Canon printers are one of the best printers all around the world. Canon Printer Offline On Mac why does it say my canon printer is offline?

canon printer offline mac why

They are especially known for perfect printing. Canon printers offer advanced technology, and despite that, they sell printers at the exceptionally lowest price.

The best part is they are easy to maintain and you can replace canon printer ink with cheaper ink.

Sometimes there might be some issues in the technology like when you start or try to take print on canon there was the issue that printer status shows offline on Mac. This issue means the mac is unable to connect to your printer and you are not able to take out print on that. Why MacBook printer offline goes?.

This issue is among the most common and frustrating issues that you can face, and also not able to understand how to solve this issue. But now you don’t have to worry about this issue as by following some steps you can easily solve this the printer is offline mac issue.

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Steps that help you to solve the problem of canon printer offline on Mac

To get rid of this Canon Says offline problem you have to follow these steps. Through these steps, you can easily solve the problem my canon printer is offline. How do I get my canon printer back online?

Step 1: Make sure the printer and PC are connected

This is the basic step and sometimes we ignore this step. This might be the reason why your canon printer is offline on mac. Before moving further make sure you have checked that printer and the device has connected properly.

If they are connected properly and this error is still showing then we move further.

Step 2: Check the wireless and USB cable

  • Firstly, check all the wireless and USB cable connections between the canon printer and Mac system.
  • This is a simple way and maybe this is the reason why the mac printer is offline.
  • Restart your router & Mac too
  • Wait till the router light becomes steady & mac system fully reboots.
  • Once your mac is running, click on the apple symbol
  • Select “System Preferences”
  • Then click “Printer’s tab”

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By using this technique if you are unable to bring the canon printer offline on mac to Online then there might be some other issue that we can find out.

Step 3: Elimination of other printers

When you connect different printers to your mac this is also a reason why does Canon printer says offline when it isn’t.

Sometimes the same printer is installed with different names which might be confusing so you must follow these steps to resolve Canon printer shows offline on mac issues.

  •  Firstly, register your printer.
  •  Eliminate other printers that were connected
  •  Back out all icons similar to your printer.
  •  The set printer that you wanted to connect and set to “default setting”

After applying this technique to your “canon printer is offline mac” then you should apply another technique. This is due to any other issue that does not allow you to connect to the printer. Here is a Solution, how to put my canon printer online?

Step 4: Recompose the printer

Sometimes you have changed the settings, updated your mac, or may be installed a new application. These things also affect the previous settings due to which you are not able to connect your Mac to the printer.

In that case, you have to follow these steps to connect the mac to your printer. How do I get my canon printer back online mac?

  • This canon printer says the offline issue can be solved by removing the printer and then adding it back.
  • Delete your printer form “printer & Scanner”
  • Then click on “+” to add the printer.
  • Then choose the printer you wanted to choose
  • When you add the printer, it will emerge on the list
  • Now give the “printing command”

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Step 5: Reset the Apple printing system

Network settings also affect printing. To make it work Reset the apple printing system. To apply this technique, you have to follow different steps to fix how to get your canon printer online mac.

  • Select the “Apple Menu
  • Now select “System Preferences
  • Go to “Printer & scanner
  • Choose “Reset printing system
  • After that, you have to enter “username & the password
  • Now you have to wait a while for the printer list to be completely reset
  • Now recompose the printer.

Why does my canon printer say offline mac?

  1. There might be a paper jamming issue.
  2.  Due to the network issue.
  3. Maybe you have changed the router password.
  4. Sometimes you have given too many commands at the same time.
  5. The cables are not connected properly.
  6. You are using old canon printer drivers.
  7. Corrupted software files.

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There are some methods to bring my canon printer off-line mac:

When you operate Mac, it has only two options through which you can connect it to the printer. Through both options, your printer is unable to take print commands. There are the following methods through which you can resolve this problem.

  1. Connect through USB
  2. Connection with Wireless
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Solution 1: Connect through USB:

When you use a USB connection to connect Mac to the printer, Then you follow these instructions:

  • Hold the power button for 3-4 seconds.
  • Coming to Mac, Remove the printer from the ”Printer & Scanner” menu.
  • Remove canon printer drivers from Mac.
  • Disconnect Mac & Printer USB cables.
  • Now Download the Canon printer drivers and install them on your Mac.
  • To install that, Click the power button on the Canon printer and restart it
  • After that Connect USB Cord 
  • Add that printer in the “Printer & Scanner option
  • The Canon printer is now connected to the internet. 

 Your New printer says offline. Well, worry not. RESOLVE IT NOW

Solution 2: Connection with Wireless

When your printer is wireless and connected through a wireless connection. Then you can follow these instructions:

  1. Hold the Power button for nearly about 2-3 seconds.
  2. Check-in to Apple Icon, then System- PreferencesPrinter & Scanners.
  3. Remove the printer from the “Printer & Scanners” menu.
  4. Now switch on the wi-fi and Recompose the printer’s wi-fi connection.
  5. Reconnect the canon printer to the router wirelessly.
  6. Remove the drives of the printer from the computer.
  7. Now Download the Canon printer drivers and install them on your Mac.
  8. To approach “Printer & Scanners” 
  9. Check-in to Apple Icon, then System- PreferencesPrinter & Scanners.
  10. Now Then click on “+” to add the printer.
  11. Canon Wireless printer is now connected to the internet and ready to take commands.

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