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Lexmark Printer Offline Error
Causes of Lexmark

Stop screaming-‘why is my Lexmark printer offline’! And, simply take a look at the following reasons to know what exactly you need to troubleshoot and avoid in near future.

Driver Issues

Lexmark Printer Driver Issues

If your printer’s driver is not compatible with your system, or you have installed corrupt driver, or at worst if the drivers are not installed properly on your device- you will see error messages like Printer offline.

Enabled Offline Mode in Lexmark Printer

Offline Mode

In rare cases, the printer is automatically set Offline under its properties. So, if you want to know- whether the same cause is also troubling you, open Devices and Printers-> right-click on Printer device to choose Properties.

If your option ‘Printer Offline’ is enabled then, it’s time to disable it.

Hardware Faults in Lexmark Printer

Hardware Faults

Apart from software reasons, the hardware of printer can also trigger offline error. So, if your printer no longer responding to print then, troubleshoot it from computer system.

If you see ‘No communication’ error message, repair your printer.

Weak Connectivity

Weak Connectivity make lexmark printer offline

Damaged cables, faulty wiring, or port issues can make your printer appear as offline. Other than this, if your device has obsolete or incompatible drivers- the problem of offline printer will continue to prevail.

So, check for the aforestated causes one-by-one.

Lexmark Printer Offline Mac, Windows 10, 11: Where to Begin

If your Lexmark network printer is no longer responding to your print requests- start with the following diagnosis and tips to prepare your device for further troubleshooting.

Verify Network Connectivity

Confirm your device network connectivity with the TCP/IP address of printer. For this simply, type the address on command prompt after the term ‘ping’. Also, make sure that you can easily access the embedded web server of the printer.

Verify Network Connectivity
Block Security Software to make lexmark printer online

Block Security Software

Firewall and other third-party security software sometimes, prevent communication between devices due to security reasons. To know if they are actually troubling you- disable them temporarily & check the connection.


Change Printer Drivers

You might have upgraded the printer drivers but we recommend changing them with a fresh download from a reliable source because there are strong chances of corrupt download and install of printer drivers.

Update Lexmark Printer Drivers
Customize Lexmark Printer Settings

Customize Printer Settings

Printer’s name, IP address, and other settings help your computer connect with the device printer. So, check and change these settings (if required). For instance, the IP address of printer must match with the one assigned to your computer.

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How to bring Lexmark Offline
Printer Online on MAC/WINDOWS?

Whenever your printer displays offline message it implies, either the issue is with your computer or printer. So, continue with the following steps and help yourself change Lexmark printer offline to online.

Quick fixes for Lexmark printer offline Windows 10/11 or Mac that may put your device back in service are as follows:

Boot and Reboot

Printer, its drivers, and computer can reach a point of miscommunication at any time. Therefore, save your work and shut down both printer and computer to clear off the system’s memory and refresh your device.

Now, read the printer’s manual to confirm whether you should start the printer machine before or after the computer boots up.

Note: This last step is damn important because rebooting your device in wrong order may combat your Windows or Mac system from accessing the printer.

Boot and Reboot lexmark printer and PC
Fix Paper Jamming issue in lexmark printer

Fix Paper Jamming

Lexmark printer continues to stay offline unless paper jam issue isn't resolved completely. So, if the paper sheet is ripped apart in printer's machine, then open your printer and clear every fragment to fix the error.

Once this issue is resolved, you need to reset your printer with a button on machine or via Control Panel window.

Note: Afterward, when you are again inserting the paper in machine, make sure the supply is having good-quality.


Restart Printer Spooler

To make your Lexmark printer turn online, you need to open Run windows through Start menu and type ‘service.msc’ in the provided field.

Note: To locate your print spooler option, you may simply press the key P as well.

Now, check the running status of your printer. In case of no status, right-click on Print spooler and tap on Start/ Restart option!

Restart lexmark Printer Spooler
Adjust Lexmark Printer Properties

Adjust Printer Properties

For this, open Devices and Printers-> right-click on the device image to choose Printer properties. Now from the Printer menu in new window, make sure the option ‘Paused Printer’ and ‘Printer offline’ are unchecked.

Likewise, check your network connection and turn on network discovery to allow printer connect with computer.

Note: Troubleshoot all components relating printer networks like router, printer settings, and much more.


Reset Printer

After trying all the above solutions- if none of the steps help you then, go for Lexmark printer reset as, it will help you restore the factory default settings of the machine.

Note: The steps to reset Lexmark printer vary according to the model. So, be specific while following the steps.

There are ample of another general as well as technical solutions that you may look for. In case, you need immediate assistance for the same, please click on anyone below button.

Reset Lexmark Printer

Discover your problem or pick a Solution below

Troubleshooting guides for all types of Lexmark printer errors


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  • 29S0100 Lexmark MS431dw Offline
  • Lexmark MC3224dwe Offline
  • Lexmark C3426dw Offline
  • Lexmark MC3224adwe Offline
  • Lexmark MC2535adwe Offline
  • Lexmark MS415dn Offline
  • Lexmark C3326dw Offline
  • Lexmark 36S0300 MS521dn Offline
  • And Many More

Choose Your Support for Lexmark Printer

Apart from Printer offline error, if you are troubled by setup issues or struggling hard against any printer error codes- simply, select your problem category below to get the specific and effective solution.
Lexmark Printer Offline Setup Install and Configure Lexmark Printer

Setup, Install and Configure

To start with the troubleshooting of this error, first of all check for the printer not responding causes and later, ensure good connectivity of your system with the machine. In case, there’s no issue with any of the stated factor then, check each printer parts and supplies.
Lexmark Printer Offline Driver Install & Compatibility

Driver Install & Compatibility

Determine- if your printer drivers need up gradation. Also, check the reliability of the driver’s software before install. Most importantly, confirm the compatibility of drivers to that of the printer. Else, your problem for printer will continue to prevail.
Lexmark Printer Offline Printing Issues

Other Printing Issues & Error Codes

Discover ways to troubleshoot poor quality printing, frequent paper jams, print jobs not printing, or wrong prints from wrong tray problems. For more, check out the causes and solutions for other most common printing error messages and codes.
Lexmark Printer Offline Paper Feed Problems

Paper Feed Problems

When collated printing doesn’t work, paper curl occurs during print job, envelop seals during printing, tray linking doesn’t work, jammed papers are not reprinting, frequent paper jam happens then, diagnose your device first to know the exact cause & later solution.
Lexmark Printer Offline Network or Server Error

Network or Server Error

To know, if your printer is ON, the typed IP address is correct, the browser you are using is supportive, the embedded server is opened, the network cables and router are working, and none of the proxy servers is enable,- check the troubleshooting steps and manuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find your answer for some of the most common Lexmark printer offline problems

Some of the most popular reasons for printer offline issues are concerning paper jam, printer settings, driver’s incompatibility, and PC settings. You may troubleshoot all the aforestated errors one-by-one unless you locate the exact issue and get it fixed.
The general way to connect your Lexmark printer over the network includes wireless settings reconfiguration. You need to follow all the on-screen instructions to complete the wireless setup wizard. Next, touch the wireless network name on list to connect and type the WEP or WPA key (network password) to finish the process. In case, the Lexmark printer still fails to connect with the Internet, you may contact Printer offline Support team for help.
To factory reset your printer, you can either enter the Control Panel-> devices and printers OR simply, press and hold the button on printer for few seconds. Note: Do not touch your computer or printer device unless the reboot process completes.
You need to go under Printer properties, tap on Printers tab-> select the printer from the list of displayed devices. Then, navigate to Configuration area of the printer and choose Enable button. This way, you can turn your Lexmark printer online.
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If you are using Windows system. Firstly ensure that your machine is added in monitored server as, this will automatically add your printer to the system. However, if you are a Mac user- then, enable MF on your printer to assign settings based on printer configuration.
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