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Epson Printer Offline Mac ⚠️ Fix Epson Offline on Mac

Fix Epson Printer Offline Mac: Many times, when we send a printing command to our Epson Printer, our Mac device displays an error message of “Epson Printer is offline Mac“. Most users face this error at some point or another. All Steps to fix Epson Printer Offline Mac.

Epson printer offline mac problem

Therefore, in this article, we have mentioned some causes of the problem and also some troubleshooting steps that help you to fix the Epson printer offline Mac.

Reasons Responsible For Epson Printer Offline Mac

We have stated some of the reasons below for this problem:

#REASON 1: Connectivity issue

If your printer displays the error of the printer is offline, it might be due to some connectivity issue between the Epson printer and the Mac device. It might also be due to weak wireless signals which cause connection problems.

#REASON 2: Hardware or software issues:

This Epson Printer Offline on Mac error can be caused by some hardware or software issue due to which the Epson printer cannot communicate with the device. The issue can also be with the Epson driver. It might be outdated or not up to the present version which causes the error. The outdated or the old version of the driver prevents your Epson printer from functioning properly.

#REASON 3: Sleep Mode:

The error can be caused by the printer also when it is in sleep mode.

#REASON 4: Default printer:

The “Epson printer is offline on Mac” error can be caused when the Mac is giving the command to a different printer. Choosing an incorrect printer and not setting it as the ‘default printer’ can make your Epson printer go offline.

#REASON 5: Mac firewall:

Another reason for your Epson printer showing offline for Mac is that the Mac firewall must have prevented or restricted your Epson printer for some security reasons.

There are many measures you can take which are mentioned and discussed below which can solve your question of “why is my Epson printer offline Mac?”

How to get my Epson printer back online Mac?

Once we come to know the cause of the Epson printer’s offline Mac issue, we can target the problem to get the Epson printer back online again. Improper connection shows the printer is an offline error on Mac.

We have mentioned and discussed below some troubleshooting steps that help you to overcome the issue of “Epson Printer not responding to Mac”.

Solution 1: Active Printer

Whenever we give a printing command, we must ensure that our printer is not in a sleeping or idle state. Mostly, when your Epson printer is in an idle state, the power led on the printer shows an amber light.

To turn on your printer you need to press the power button which makes it active. Blue or green light might appear when your printer turns active.

Solution 2: Clear the Printing Queue 

This offline error also displays when there are already pending printing jobs. To cancel the pending printing jobs follow the steps below:

  • In the taskbar, double-click the available Printer icon.
  • Press the X button next to the job, to cancel the printing jobs.
  • Now, turn off or reboot the Printer and the Mac device once.
  • Now, your Epson printer and Mac device are ready to use.

Solution 3: Troubleshoot the USB Connection 

You need to ensure a proper USB connection between your Mac device and the Epson printer.

To ensure this, remove the USB wire from the printer and the Mac device once and then you can reconnect it with the Wi-Fi again.

If it still shows the printer offline for the Mac devices, then you can check the cable and restart your device again.

Please make sure to seek the below steps:

  • Ensure that your USB cord is not broken.
  • Disconnect the USB from the Epson printer and the Mac device.
  • Reconnect the USB with both devices again.
  • Reboot or Restart the Mac pc and the printer again.

Solution 4: Reset the Mac “Print Settings” Option

Harm can be caused by the Low internet connectivity to your printing system that shows Epson Printer, Offline Mac.

To resolve the issue you can follow the steps below:

  • Open the Apple menu and click on System Preference.

Now, your issue is solved and you can restart your printing.

Solution 5: Install the Epson Driver on Mac

Similar to windows, your Mac device also requires a driver to operate any hardware. If the correct software of your printer is not installed then your Mac device will not recognize your printer and shows you the offline error.

You need to remove the existing driver and re-install the latest Epson driver on the Mac device again. You can re-install your Epson driver from the official website of Epson.

Then Restart or reboot your device and printer after installing the updated driver.

Now you are ready to print your documents on an Epson printer.

Solution 6: Delete Extra Printer from Mac Device

When your printer is installed multiple times, then also your Mac device projects this offline error.

To fix this problem, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to Apple Menu
  • Select System and preference > Printer and Scanners.
  • In the Printer and scanner section, a list of printers will appear.
  • Click on your printer.
  • Select the ‘-‘ sign at the bottom left corner to delete the extra added printer.
  • Now set your Epson printer as your Default Printer.
  • Restart your printer.

Solution 7: Inspect Security Settings

If you have already worked on the above problems but still could not get your Epson printer back online on Mac, then do review your Firewall and antivirus settings.

The error might be due to the firewall blocking the connectivity.

Just follow the steps below:

  • Go to System Preferences > Firewall option.
  • Press the Stop button.

Conclusion [ Epson Printer Offline Mac ]

In this article, we have mentioned and discussed all the possible reasons and the solution to the problem of the Epson Printer Offline Mac.

Now you do not need to worry about your Epson Printer Offline Mac. Just follow the above-mentioned steps for your problem and hereafter your printer is ready to print documents for your Mac Device. Contact us for Epson Printer Setup Guidance.

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