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Brother Printer Offline Windows 11,10,8,7

How to Resolve Brother Printer Not Responding Issues on Windows 11,10,8,7 & Mac

Have you been having printing troubles as a result of your brother printer offline windows 11,10,8,7 & Mac? Repairing the Brother printer offline problem is critical if you depend significantly on this device for business. You will be unable to print anything while it is offline. Additionally, the papers you want to print will continue to accumulate in a large print queue.

In this article, we will examine what the brother printer offline windows 11,10,8,7 & Mac, why it occurs, and how you may resolve it.

brother printer offline windows 10
brother printer offline windows 11, 10

Why Is My Brother Printer Not Connected to the Internet?

When your Brother printer states that it is offline and unable to print, this indicates a status fault with the printer. This issue prevents your system from communicating with your Brother printer, resulting in the inability to print documents. This is a rather frequent mistake, and it may be caused by a variety of factors, including connection troubles and defective drivers.

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The next section will go further into the reasons for Brother printers being down.

There are various reasons why a Brother printer may seem to be offline when it is not. One of the most typical reasons for this issue is a defective printer driver. When a driver that does not support your Brother printer is installed on your system, the printing status is likely to be offline. Another possibility is that your Brother printer’s port is not static.

Occasionally, antivirus software installed on your PC might also contribute to the Brother printer exhibiting offline error by interfering with the machine’s operations. Another typical reason for the Brother printer offline issue in Windows is the activation of a function that allows you to print when your printer is offline. Occasionally, this functionality will create a queue for the print instructions rather than printing them.

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How can I prevent my Brother printer from going offline indefinitely?

We’ve listed eight methods for converting an offline Brother printer to an online one. Additionally, we’ve included a series of straightforward guidelines to assist you in swiftly resolving the mistake.

Disable Antivirus Protection

As mentioned before, the antivirus software or the Firewall may sometimes interrupt the Brother printer’s operations. To solve this issue, it is recommended that you deactivate your antivirus programme and firewall.

To turn it off, follow the seven simple actions outlined below:

1. Conduct a search on your machine for “Microsoft Security Essentials.”

2. Right-click on the “Microsoft Security Essentials” icon and choose “Open” from the context menu.

3. Select “Real-Time Protection” from the “Settings” menu.

4. A checkbox will appear next to the option “Turn on real-time protection.” Deselect it.

5. The next step is to click “Save changes.”

7. Now, shut “Microsoft Security Essentials,” which will stop the antivirus application.

Disable SNMP in order to resolve the offline status of a Brother printer.

Additionally, the Brother printer offline issue might be caused by SNMP, or the Simple Network Management Protocol. It has the ability to switch the printer’s system from online to offline, effectively shutting down the unit.

In eight simple steps, learn how to bring a Brother printer online by deactivating the Simple Network Management Protocol.

1. When your system is turned on, hit the “Windows” and “R” keys simultaneously.

2. A dialogue box will now display. In it, type “control” and then press the “Enter” key.

3. The control panel will now be shown. You must choose “View Devices and Printers” from the “Hardware and Sound” menu.

brother printer offline windows 10

4. When your Brother printer is shown, right-click on it to see the “Printer properties.” 

brother printer offline windows 10

5. Once this option is selected, locate the port to which your Brother printer is attached. Then, after selecting the port, click “Configure port.” 

brother printer offline windows 10

6. In the port configuration options, look for the option “SNMP Status Enabled.” This option must be unchecked and then saved.


7. Now, click “Exit.”

8. To verify that the Brother printer is not offline, print a test page. The situation will be rectified.

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Verification of the IP Address

Are you wondering how to convert a Brother printer’s IP address from offline to online? Occasionally, the user must ensure that the Brother printer’s IP address is not dynamic, since this will cause the printer’s IP address to change.

This occurs when the router’s lease on the IP address expires. By validating the IP address’s legitimacy, the Brother printer offline problem may be avoided.

Consider the six simple procedures outlined below to verify the authenticity of your IP address.

1. Select “Ports” from the printer’s properties.

2. Configure your Brother printer with a static IP address.


3. The next step is to choose “Configure port.”  


4. You will now be needed to verify both the port’s name and address. The most critical component of this step is to verify that the name and address match the system that you are currently using.

5. Once the verification is complete, save the modifications and then quit.

6. At this point, attempt to print. The problem with the Brother printer being down will have been resolved.

Disabling the Offline Printing Feature

As previously noted, when the print offline capability is enabled, particularly in Windows 10, the print queue becomes clogged with documents to print. Thus, in this method, we will discover how to bring a Brother printer online from offline status by disabling Windows 10’s print offline capability.

To deactivate the print offline functionality, just follow these five easy steps:

1. The first step is to go to the “Printer properties” section.

2. Next, right-click the printer and choose the “View what’s printing” option.

what's printing
what’s printing

3. Now, pick “Printer” and verify that the checkbox “Use Printer Offline” is selected. If this is the case, uncheck this option.

Use Printer Offline
Use Printer Offline

4. Exit and save the changes.

5. Execute a print command to see whether this technique was successful in resolving the Brother printer status offline issue.

Installing the Printer Driver a Second Time

The most frequent cause of Brother printers going down is a malfunctioning printer driver. Indeed, both obsolete and defective printer drivers might prohibit the printing status from being online. Additionally, your electronic gadget may often fail to connect correctly to the network.


Reinstalling the Brother printer driver may significantly assist in resolving this problem. Consider the seven steps need to restore it.

To begin, turn on your computer and simultaneously hit the “Windows” and “R” keys. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the Run dialogue box that opens and then press the “Enter” key.

2. You have now accessed the device management. Locate the “Imaging devices” tab and then your printer.

3. After locating your printer, right-click on it and then choose “Uninstall Device.”

4. At this point, you will be instructed to “Delete drivers.” Select this option.

5. Now, turn off your Brother printer.

6. Restart the router and your PC.

7. Reconnect your Brother printer from the beginning.

By now, the offline printer status issue should have been resolved satisfactorily.

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Windows 7 Brother Printer Is Always Offline

When your Brother printer not responding to Windows 7, we propose that you alter the gadget’s settings to resolve the status problem.

Now, let’s have a look at the eight actions necessary to resolve the Brother Printer Offline issue on Windows 7.

1. Click “Start” and then type “Devices and Printers” in the search box.

2. The next step is to right-click the Brother printer icon and choose the “See what’s printing” option.

3. Now, choose “Printer” and seek a tick next to the option “Use Printer Offline.” If this option has a check-in it, clear it and your papers will begin printing.

If the Brother printer offline issue continues, you may proceed with the procedures below.

4. Press and hold the printer’s power button to turn it off.

5. Disconnect the USB cord from your Windows 7 system’s port.

6. Reconnect the USB cord to the system and restart the printer.

7. The print-queued documents will begin printing.

8. If the printing process does not begin immediately after doing this step, you may restart your machine.

Brother Printer Indicates That It Is Not Connected to the Internet Windows 8

If your Brother printer goes offline while attempting to print on Windows 8, use the troubleshooting steps outlined below to put it back online. This solution is equally applicable to the Brother printer offline Windows 8.1 problem.

1. Turn on your Brother printer and check the LCD screen for any problem messages, such as paper jam or toner low.

2. The next step is to verify that your printer is linked to your Windows 8 operating system. If the connection was created by USB, it should be plugged incorrectly. If an ethernet cable is used, it must be connected correctly to both the printer and the access point.

3. To establish a wireless connection, print the network setup page to retrieve the Brother printer’s IP address.

4. Now, on your machine, simultaneously hit the “Windows” and “R” keys.

5. In “Run,” type “Control” and hit the “Enter” key to access the Control Panel.

6. Locate the Brother printer’s icon and ensure that it is checked.

7. Next, right-click on this icon to bring up the “View what’s printed” menu.

8. Select “Cancel All Documents” from the menu. If this option is not visible, go to “Open as Administrator,” input your password, and click “Yes.” Now, the choice will be clickable.

9. To check the status of the printer, right-click the printer icon and then choose “See what’s printed.” “Printer” is selected, and then “Use Printer Offline” is tapped. If this is not an option, go to “Open as Administrator” and click “Yes” after entering the password.

Select “Pause printing” now. If this option is greyed off, you will need to go back to “Open as Administrator” and do the necessary actions.

My Brother Printer is Not Connected to the Internet in Windows 10

We will explain how to connect a Brother printer that is currently offline to Windows 10 in this article. The technique is straightforward and consists of just six stages.

1. Click “Start,” enter “Devices and Printers,” and hit “Enter.”

2. Next, right-click on the Brother printer icon and choose “View what’s printing.”

3. Then, at the top, pick the printer option. A checkbox appears next to the option “Use Printer Offline.” Untick this checkbox.

4. The print-queued documents will now begin printing.

If the Brother printer status offline windows 10 problem persists, continue to the fifth step.

5. Turn off your Brother printer and unplug it from the computer’s USB port.

6. Reconnect the USB cable and power up your printer.

This Brother printer offline windows 10 cure should have resolved the issue at this point.

Why is My Brother Printer Not Connected to the Internet on a Mac?

Consider the Brother printer offline Mac technique, which entails resetting Mac’s printing settings in order to resolve the issue.

1. In your Mac’s system preferences, go to “System Preferences.

2. Then choose the “Printer and scanners” option.

3. You should now see a list of printers linked to your Mac.

4. Right-click to bring up a pop-up menu. Select the “Reset Printing System” option.

5. The next step is to uninstall any printers and drivers that have been installed in the system.

6. Now, from scratch, add the Brother printer to your Mac system.

7. Install the correct printer driver and then print a test page.

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