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Fix Offline Printer

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HP color laserjet pro m454dn Offline

When you want to print an essential document, a message appears indicating that your hp color laserjet pro m454dn offline. Have you ever encountered this? What is the meaning of this term? And, maybe more significantly, how do you resolve this issue?

hp color laserjet pro m454dn offline
hp color laserjet pro m454dn offline

This surprisingly frequent problem occurs with a large number of connected printers and is readily remedied with a few simple actions. With these easy steps, you’ll quickly learn how to get your printer operating again.

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What does it imply when your printer is not connected to the network?

If you’ve seen this error message, it’s understandable that you’re frustrated. This does not indicate, however, that your printer is defective. A printer that is offline is one that is unable to interact with the device that sent the print job.

Unfortunately, an offline printer cannot accept or process new print jobs, thus it is prudent to halt all print tasks until the problem is resolved. Continue to submit print requests to your offline printer only after you’ve completed our troubleshooting tutorial. If you have print jobs queued up at the printer, you may need to cancel them until you reconnect to the network. Simply save your work so that you may print it later.

  • Several possible causes include the following:
  • Drivers who are out of date
  • Connection problems
  • A configuration mistake

Each of these factors requires a unique resolution procedure. Let’s look at the issue and how to get back online and print.

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How to revert the printer’s state from offline to online

These tutorials will cover a variety of topics. If your issue has been fixed, you are not required to complete all steps. However, it is recommended to do them in this sequence, since the simplest adjustments are mentioned first and need the least work and technical expertise.

Option 1 – Download and install HP Print and Scan Doctor

  • Utilize the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool to identify and resolve printer and scanner issues. By clicking this link, you may access a customised version tailored to address offline concerns.
  • Open the HPPSdr.exe programme by double-clicking it from the download directory and allowing it to execute. This may need you to be in administrator mode.
  • If asked, choose Yes to trust the file source, since it originates directly from the HP technical support team.
  • Select your printer by clicking Start.
  • If your printer is not listed, restart it. Then, in the Print and Scan Doctor programme, select Retry.
  • The programme will alert you to any possible connection problems. Adhere to the directions and click Yes when prompted to enable printer updates.
  • Continue through the instructions, selecting Yes when prompted to make this printer the default.
  • Were these instructions helpful to you? You’ll know it was successful if the status of your printer changes from “offline” to “online.” Otherwise, go to the next step.

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Option 2 – Default printer configuration

  • You may need to choose your default printer choice manually.
  • To address this problem on Windows 10, follow these steps.
  • Prior to beginning, ensure that you have downloaded and installed all of the Windows 10 operating system updates.
  • For users of Windows 10
  • Open Devices using the search box or by invoking Cortana.
  • Printers & Scanners Chosen
  • Uncheck the option next to “Let Windows control my default printer.” If required, click the box to deselect it.
  • Select your printer from the supplied list.
  • If your printer is mentioned more than once, choose the version that is idle or online.
  • Manage
  • Select As default.
  • For users of Windows 8
  • Choose your printer from the list of devices shown.
  • If there are many versions, choose the one that is not greyed out. Select “Set as default printer” from the right-click menu.
  • Now retry printing.
  • If your device remains offline, continue to the next stage.

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3 – Verify the condition of your printer port and Windows services

  • The next step in fixing difficulties with offline printers is to determine whether your printer utilises a WSD port.
  • To ascertain this, either search for Control Panel in Windows or ask Cortana for it and then select “View devices and printers.”
  • Following that, right-click your printer and pick Printer Properties from the context menu.
  • Select the Ports tab and verify that your printer utilises a WSD port.
  • If it does, proceed with the next steps (but omit this section if it does not).
  • Services may be found by searching Windows or by asking Cortana.
  • To locate an item, scroll through the list. Host of Function Discovery Providers and Publication of Function Discovery Resources
  • Examine the columns for Status and Startup type.
  • If they are already operating and their starting mode is set to automatic, go to the following step.
  • If they seem blank when starting manually, right-click the name and choose Properties.
  • Alternately, you may change the starting type to automated.
  • Then, under the service status, select Start and then OK.
  • Press F5 to return to the Devices and Printers pane.
  • Check the status of your printer by clicking on its name.
  • If it is available online, your problem is resolved. Print a network configuration report if the printer remains down. This may be accomplished using the printer’s Settings or Wireless menu.
  • To access the Ports tab, right-click on your printer’s name, choose Printer Properties, and then click the Ports tab.
  • Choose Add Port.
  • Select TCP/IP Standard Port and click New Port.
  • Add a new port using the network configuration report you previously did -a hostname is suggested.
  • Press F5 to return to the Devices and Printers pane.
  • By clicking it, you may check the status of your printer.
  • Is it available online? You’re ready to go! Otherwise, go to the next step.

Note:- If you are stuck in your hp color laserjet pro m454dn offline issue then just follow the steps to quickly solve.

Option 4 – Verify the strength of your connection

  • Depending on how your printer is linked to your device, there might be a variety of reasons for the printer to be offline. If you are connecting through a USB cable, check that it is firmly in place. If the problem continues, try a new USB cord.
  • If you’re connecting to your printer over a wireless network, take these steps:
  • Restart your printer by turning it off, waiting ten seconds, then unplugging it.
  • Then shut off your computer.
  • Reconnect the printer’s power cable and power on the printer.
  • Disconnect your wireless router’s power cable.
  • Reconnect it after a ten-second delay.
  • Your internet connection may take a few moments to reconnect.
  • When this occurs, turn on your computer.
  • Connect your printer to your network using the HP wireless setup wizard or the HP Smart software.
  • Print a wireless report to see whether any connection difficulties remain.
  • This report is located in your printer’s Network settings or Wireless menu.
  • If the problem persists, it may be the responsibility of the router manufacturer or network administrator. Beyond these procedures, connection difficulties might be difficult to diagnose, so contact an IT professional if you’re still unable to connect to your printer.
  • Consider printing from a different device.

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Additionally, you may choose to try printing from another device, such as a laptop or a mobile phone. While you may believe that offline troubles are caused by printer malfunctions, a faulty connection might be device-specific. Connect to another computer and check to see if your troubles resolve. If you can print from another device, you can be certain that the issue is not with the printer.

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