HP Printer is offline Error to Get Online in Windows 10, 8, 7

HP Printer is Offline – How to Get Your Printer Back Online?

Why My HP Printer is Offline - Get Back Your Printer Online

Find step by step guide to fix hp printer is offline windows 10. It goes offline due to an issue with the unit, if there are PC related problems or wireless system issues. We can recover easily from this by re initializing our router then start again your PC. fix offline, shows offline, says offline, not responding error code on windows 10.

Why does my hp printer say offline Windows 10? [5 Factors that cause offline Printer]

Do you thinking that Why HP Printer Keeps Going Offline in Windows, Why is my HP Printer offline Windows 10? Below are the factors that cause the printer to show connection less.

S.NoList of Factors causing offline printer
Factor 1There could be software issue that your PC window is supporting the HP printers software or not.
Factor 2There may be miss-setting with Devices and Printers.
Factor 3We can suffer with weak drivers installed in our PC due to which HP printers is offline.
Factor 4HP printers could to dis-connected to our system with an issue in data cable or with some electronic technical defaults.
Factor 5Body damage could also be the reason for being HP Printer offline.
Why Your HP Printer is Saying Offline Status on Windows 10?

What is the checklist to avoid HP Printer Goes Offline? [12 Checks]

Ensure to follow below checklist to get the information about disconnected printer so that you can avoid Facing HP Printer goes Offline issue?

  • While unboxing the HP printer please take care that there is no physical damage or sort circuit in wiring of internal system.
  • All the cautions are necessary for proper work. Change upon different power up sequences of your devices.
  • HP office will go offline sooner or later.  Then I have to get it back from the system. The connection is more steadfast if mac OS is running faster, this is not always so as office Mac/PC are turned off  after many times. I have an HP printer which is still offline – sometimes, maybe. printer is connected to Apple Airport Extreme ends.
  • Visit online in web browser to search why my printer is offline and put all the right information to it you will come to know what you are doing wrong with your system. External devices do not have the ability to automatically interrupt.
  • Go for the type of connection you have, and then follow the instructions given to resolve the connection issue.
  • There may be USB connection issue.
  • IP address manually to avoid conflicts on your wireless network
  • Network printer connection can also be weak to send signals and to receive proper commands.
  • I had searched and had so many different fixes and hp scan doctor fixed my problem. Your explanation about the IP address made sense.
  • All of my struggles started when we switched Internet providers! This, also, pointed me to the reason why my internet connection slows up.
  • DHCP range of the router
  • Update issues or Windows problems.

Solved: What are some easy fixes for an HP printer offline error?

HP printer offline fix windows 10 – Network Printer is offline after reboot. Use below mentioned BEST SOLUTIONS to Setup And Fix HP Printer goes offline Issue. Follow Steps to Solve HP Printer is Offline Error code.

1. How Come the Printer Is Always Showing Offline in? Here’s How to Get it Online

If your HP printer connected to wifi but offline then below are the remedies for same.

Windows issue

  • If you are using windows 8 or 10 there must be an issue of latest version installation.
  • It has a special version of printer software which you have to install in your system.
  • Download location on your computer.
  • If there is a connection problem, follow the instructions in HP Print and Scan Doctor.


  • CHECK whether the connection is restored properly or not.
  • It can have the offline issue with the connection network.
  • Disconnect the power cord from your wireless router.
  • Wait for some time, and then reconnect the power cord to the router.


  • Check in your network selection list if there are more than one devices connected to your system previously.
  • There may be a wrong selection in your default setting and you get the notification of offline of your printer instantly.
  • Go to the network default selection and change it to manual selection and
  • Select your HP officejet 6100 printer to make status online instead of offline.
  1. Connect to a proper wireless network
  2. Connect to the printer’s wireless direct connection
  3. Update the printer firmware
  4. Reinstall the printer software
  5. These could also be some issues to the offline shown.

Firewall Issue

  • There firewall may be preventing to cause in printer to connect to your system if your system is having some kind of virus or error issue. Don’t ignore these type of problems it might work for some time but in future it can damage your printer circuit properly.
  • Wireless connectivity can also be some kind of offline showing problem for the printer.
  • Do not have more than one firewall aided at the same time on your computer.
  • for example would be having both the HP Officejet 6100 – Configure your firewall software to work with the printer
  • Windows firewall provided by the operating system and a third party firewall enabled at the same time. Having more than one firewall enabled at the same time will not make your computer any safer and may
  • cause problem. HP Officejet 6100 – Configure your firewall software to work with the printer.

2. Resolved: How to Change a HP Printer from Offline to Online? [6 Easy Methods]

HP printer offline fix – Here we have taken example of HP OFFICE PRO 8600 OFFLINE printer to resolve HP Printer Offline Problem.

  1. Method – A paper is a type of Cardstock which is used for printing postcards, business cards, catalogues and more. But it is very thick in size it is quite difficult to print on it. It can a challenging work to us. Here’s can be an issue of HP Officejet Pro 8600 to be offline.
  2. Method – We must have an account to our computer to log in and to manage the printers.  It is on right side of printers. Click on right mouse button to open settings select See What’s Printing to display the print spooler window.
  3. Method – Shut your printer to boot it again and turn it on back. It will take some time to finish rebooting.
  4. Method – Plugin your printer to your system or PC for that it must have network connectivity. It it is a unit with network zone check the proper supply of light units back of the printer to flashing it green surely.
  5. Method – Use your administrative account to log in and to manage printer rights to avoid its offline system. Most of the time your printer will be offline due to misunderstanding of its functions.
  6. Method – Now use printer offline mode to remove the check mark. This time your printer jet pro 8600 will be online and ready to print.

3. Fixed: How to Fix when HP printer connected to wifi but offline? (Updated Easy Guide)

Why My HP printer shows offline? If you still seem offline then the options are grayed out and again follow below simple steps to make it online.

  1. You have to close the printer and come back to the devices and printer options.
  2. Visit online in web browser to search why my printer is offline and put all the right information to it you will come to know what you are doing wrong with your system and what is the most effective way to resolve it.
  3. Use control panel to check by clicking on start button.
  4. Offline system also detect the issue using help in offline mode and you can start troubleshooting  in the search engine on the main window.
  5. Now start using printer offline mode.
  6. Follow the step on instructions. This will make the effective use of hp printer connected to wifi but offline printer and will be appreciated by PC.

All can be concluded that a printer can have more than hundred problems for being offline the main thing is to understand the suitable problem and resolve it without disturbing the other matches of the system and connection. Check your selection list first if you are not able to find out right one. Manual DNS Server attained to you and under manual preferred type complete IP address handled.

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