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Canon Printer Offline Windows 11, 10 ⚠️ Fix Offline Issue

Canon Printer Offline Windows 11, 10 ⚠️ Fix Offline Issue: If you are getting issues with a Canon printer not responding Issue then don’t be serious and panic about these issues.

canon printer offline windows 11, 10
canon printer offline windows 10

Cause such issues you get when you have the stuck print job and make jammed your printer and cause the printer to go sleep mode.

Here is what I mean is that sometimes our canon printer move to an offline mood and create issues and that’s why the canon printer goes offline.

Today cannon printer plays a most important role in your business office to print out your document.

No matter where you are working it should be an office or it should be your home office but in all cases, the canon printer plays an important role to complete your official work and get going your work smoothly done.

How you can fix the Canon printer offline on windows 11, 10, and 8?

Here is the operating system lists that you can fix canon printer not connecting issues separately via targeting the particular link given below or through our article.

How to fix canon printer offline issues for the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system?

How to Solve Canon printer offline Errors on Windows 7, 8.1, and 8 operating systems?

Canon Printer offline issues impact our daily work job issues and we have to get rid of these issues from printer offline to printer online.

To get rid of canon printer offline issues the question comes to our mind how to fix canon printer if offline?

How you can fix the canon printer offline on windows 11 while printing official or any other document?

But first, you have to know the simple issues that make your canon printer go offline:

  1. It may be an issue that you have lost your system connection while printing your document on your Canon printer.
  2. It may be getting issues to cause your printer is not completely connected to your router.
  3. It may be getting issues to cause your canon printer to be in not responding mode.
  4. It may be getting issues to cause your canon printer is not set as the default printer.
  5. It may be getting issues cause of your canon printer’s incorrect configuration.

And such issues are simple issues that you can get rid of by resolving them via taking proper action.

Getting issues that your printer is offline and struggling to get rid of cannon offline issues and looking to get back to your cannon online printer.

Then this post article will help to resolve your problem without having the professional knowledge to fix canon not responding issues.

You must try this simple and easy method.

By following these steps your “Canon printer offline for windows” issue will be solved.

Here are the step-by-step guides to changing canon printer offline to online in Windows.

If you have several issues via your canon printer offline you will see a redirect message on your operating system screen that your printer is standalone.

And show the suggestion inbox that checks your printer cable is connected properly and the printer power is on.

Before you use step by step solution guide you have to first check out that your canon printer power cable is connected properly to your electric board.

Fix 1: Try via Printer Services

  • Step- first you have to enter to desktop start menu and there you have to search for services or directly click on the services app from your menu bar.
  • Click on it you will be redirected to the services local dashboard in this dashboard you will see plenty of features like – a performance counter, performance logs, alert and phone services etc.
  • In that services local dashboard, you have to find out print spooler which is related to services local.
  • You have to simply right-click on your mouse you will find the start, stop, pause, resume and restart etc option.
  • So you have to click once again on the restart option it will automatically restart your jammed function.
  • Know you have to check out print spooler properties and to look to your print spooler properties you have again simply click on print spooler.
  • And right-click via your mouse you will see an option of properties .click on the properties option.
  • As you click on the properties option you will see the properties setting option.
  • You will see a services name, display name, description, folder path, and start type etc.
  • Actually, in this setting, you have to simply see in front of the start type option and create or select it in Automatic mood.
  • And then click ok to get your set done and after clicking in ok you have to restart your computer.
  • Then print your pages to see that your offline Issue on canon windows has been resolved and your printer is online and working properly.

Fix 2: Disable uses of canon printer offline features

  • Step –To use this method to find a solution to fix printer stuck issues first you have to click on the start button and insert it into your control panel or panel.
  • Or you can search the control panel on your search box to find out your system control panel.
  • As you find or get the control panel, you have to click on the control panel option.
  • You will see a adjust your computer setting and in the downside or you can say below of the adjust your computer setting.
  • Find hardware and sound setting. actually there you find more setting options like system and security, network and internet, hardware and sound and programs.
  • You have to simply click on hardware and sound .you will be redirected to the hardware and sound directories.
  • And at the hardware and sound directories, you have to find out the Devices and printer option settings.
    Now you have to click on canon printer which is located under the printer catalogue.
  • Right-click on your Canon printer and check out what is printing option selected.
  • Go back to your printer option and right-click and see the option of your cannon printer is offline unchecked.
  • If it is not unchecked click unchecked and go back to your printer option and again click right on your mouse.
  • You will see a cancel all documents option and now you have to click on cancel all documents.
  • Now you have to check out that your printer is working properly .or you can print pages to check out that you have fixed canon offline issues.
  • Note:- If you want to know more about canon printers online just click and resolve.

Fix 3: Driver issues solution reinstall via the run box.

Step-If you don’t resolve with the given method then it may cause canon printer driver issues.

  • To resolve this problem or you can say for such issues you have to simply use the last step run box to reinstall your Canon printer drive.
  • If still, you can’t resolve your problem or issues you can reinstall your Canon printer driver.
  • Let s have a look that how you can resolve your Canon printer offline Issue through the run box.
  • To use this method you have to open your run box and to open your run box you have to select the Windows key and R key together.
  • Your run box will be open and you will see an instruction type the name of a program, folder document or internet resources, and the window will open it for you.
  • It looks technical but it is too much easy to find out administrative file folders or other activities from your computer system.
  • And you have to simply give a path on the run box open option and it will run in your computer and crawl all information related to your search.
  • You have to simply search devmgmt.msc on the run box search box and click ok. It will crawl all information related devices to that particular search.

Worth reading- my canon printer is offline mac

The run box will show you all devices like –

  • Human interface devices
  • Keyboard
  • Mice and other pointing devices
  • Monitor
  • Network adapter
  • Print Queues

You have to simply right click on the queues option from your mouse .and as you click on you will see an option like-

  • Updated driver
  • Disable devices
  • Uninstall devices
  • Scan for hardware changes
  • Properties
  1. You have to simply select uninstall devices and now it’s time to go to the canon official website and install new version latest drive on your computer.
  2. Restart the computer If this doesn’t work you have to reinstall the drivers.
  3. Go to Settings and search printers and click right through your mouse as you click right you will see a properties option.
  4. And in the Properties under the General or Details Tab look for the driver button and select it and choose the driver again.
  5. You may also have to download the driver from the Canon printer website’s official websites.
  6. If you don’t want to uninstall devices or you want to look out to get rid of how to fix canon printer offline issues.
  7. You can contact our professionals who are experts and specialists in canon printer devices to handle and resolve issues.
  8. It is the best option and method to contact an expert before you uninstall your drive devices.
  9. May it will be helpful to get a ride from this typical situation. While getting your canon printer offline issues via paying a cheap amount to the expert.
  10. If you don’t know any expert you can simply contact our online expert.

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